Immerse yourself in the world of mystery of the Italian Renaissance through a digital installation of masterpieces by the great master Sandro Botticelli! Feel his unique style and see how his artwork comes to life in the digital space. We invite you to take a trip through time, where traditional painting skills are combined with the elegance of images in a new, exciting format.


Welcome to the world of infinite beauty and light that opens up through the digital installation of the great master Claude Monet! Allow yourself to delve into the world of impressionist art, where every brush stroke and drop of color turns ordinary moments into unforgettable experiences.

This installation takes you through time, revealing mysterious gardens of water bushes, lily valleys and the infinity of color harmony. Feel the energy of the sun's rays in abstract landscapes that will leave a pleasant impression on your soul!


Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918) was an Austrian painter and graphic artist, a symbolist. He was a decorative artist and designer of fabric patterns. He was born in the Vienna suburbs of the time, in a house at Baumgarten No. 4. In 1879, he received a classical education and became an academic artist, honing his skills by copying antique vases and works of art classics in various techniques. He was one of the most prominent representatives of the Viennese Secession, a professor at the Vienna and Munich Academies. Among Klimt's first masterpieces are the works "Love" and "Portrait of the actor Josef Lewinsky in the costume of Carlos" (1895). They also contrast realistic depictions of characters with a decorative background with brightly accentuated plane breaks.

Welcome to the fascinating installation "The Symbolism of Love" by Gustav Klimt, a famous Austrian artist whose works embody beauty, sexuality and mystery. In this installation, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of love symbolism, where each image has its own deep meanings and shades. Gustav Klimt is famous for his portraits that embody extraordinary passion and eroticism.


Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of "Chimeras Come to Life" - paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, where reality and fantasy merge into one. Each Bosch chimera has its own unique shape and complex symbolism. They embody ideas about the evilness of human nature, the struggle between good and evil, between a satirical view of the world and the mystery of the unknown. It is a challenge to our imagination and an opportunity to plunge into the world of mysticism and fantasy.


Experience the fascinating world of surrealism by Salvador Dali, a brilliant master whose works reveal the boundlessness of imagination and extraordinary thinking. "Dali.Digital.Surrealism" is an installation that takes us to a virtual space filled with fantastic images, illogical connections and absurdity. Each canvas is created with skill and is able to entice us into its own virtual reality. In Salvador Dali's work, we find unusual combinations of objects, unexpected transformations and illogical changes in proportions. He transports us to the world of surreal dreams, where gravity ceases to exist and reality appears in a unique way. "Dali.Digital.Surrealism" opens up the possibilities of unlimited experimentation and visual delight.


Welcome to the fascinating installation "Periods of Genius" by Pablo Picasso, an unsurpassed master of art whose works changed the world of fine art forever. In this installation, we invite you to immerse yourself in different epochs of Pablo Picasso's work, revealing his extraordinary evolution and constant search for new expressive means. Each period of Pablo Picasso's work has its own unique atmosphere and style. You will hear the heart of the Blue Period, where melancholy and loss are intertwined in a cold palette of blue shades. Then you will move on to the Pink Period, where tenderness and grace prevail, creating flawless images. You will feel the influence of African art and masks in the style of the African Art Period, where abstraction and primitiveness are intertwined in unusual shapes and lines. And, of course, you will be able to enjoy the Cubist period, an unsurpassed revolution in art where objects are decomposed on the edge and transformed into abstract forms.


Experience the magic of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints revealed in an impressive digital installation! This is a magical world where every line and color mysteriously reflects the deep philosophy and emotions of Japanese art. Here you will feel the pulsating rhythm of ukiyo-e life through projections and virtual objects. Every moment before your eyes will turn into a dance of colors and emotions.


The project "Artery of Time. Reloaded" combines the inner world of man, the majesty of nature and cosmic images through art and digital technologies. Through viewing this installation, it is proposed to go beyond everyday life and reveal the secrets of the connection between man and time, the individual and the universe. The project "ARTAREA TIME. Reboot" project inspires creative professionals and gives them new ideas. For those who need to rethink, it offers purification and renewal, and for those who are looking for the meaning of life, it provides affirmation and the opportunity to know themselves.

Why us?

We offer you a unique opportunity to broadcast majestic digital installations on walls, planes and screens in large spaces. Art space is an important resource for various institutions and companies, offering a number of advantages and opportunities for development and creativity.

Art spaces can become a place of cultural exchange and crossing of boundaries. They provide an opportunity to learn about different art forms, traditions and cultures. This helps to create an open and inclusive environment where diversity and intercultural understanding are valued and encouraged. Interactivity of art installations provides viewers with the opportunity to interact with the art.

Our company is a leading provider of digital broadcasting rights and digital equipment rental. We cooperate with museums and galleries, shopping malls and educational institutions, event venues, and private companies and individuals.

This is for you

Art spaces create an inspiring and stimulating environment that fosters creativity and innovation. They provide a unique opportunity for employees and members of organizations to try out new ideas, experiment with different art forms and enrich their thinking.

Creative communication: Art space and digital art installations create unique ways to communicate with the audience, allowing you to convey the message and meaning of a brand, product or service in an effective and creative way.

Memorability: Impressive visuals and extraordinary means of presentation make art installations an unrivaled experience for viewers, helping to keep a brand or event in their memory for a long time.

Audience engagement: The interactivity of art installations encourages viewers to interact with the artwork, which creates a unique experience and engagement with their brand or product.

Increased attention: Impressive installations attract the attention of a wide audience, helping to attract new customers and differentiate your brand from the competition.

Shared experience: Viewers' interaction with art installations creates opportunities for discussion, dialogue, and shared experiences that increase brand engagement and audience involvement.

The magic of creativity: Digital art installations embody the magic of creativity and innovation, allowing businesses to express themselves in unpredictable, original, and impactful ways.

Effective marketing campaign Art space and digital art installations ensure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, increasing its impact and ability to attract customer attention.

Wide range of uses Art installations can be used at events, exhibitions, presentations, video ads, in stores and offices, helping businesses communicate effectively with different audiences.

Branding and identity: Customized art installations allow a company to emphasize its identity and brand content, creating positive associations with it among customers.

Impressive visual experience: Digital art installations create an unforgettable visual experience for viewers, allowing them to transform ordinary places into magical, immersive spaces.

Art spaces promote collaboration and teamwork. They can be used to organize various team projects where employees from different departments or companies can meet, exchange ideas and work together on creative tasks. This helps to strengthen team spirit and increase productivity.


We offer a variety of options for choosing both equipment and installation. By following our recommendations for installing equipment and adhering to the minimum requirements for the size of the room, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the world of your future Art Space. And so, let's get started:

Let's start with a simple option that you can implement in a small room. To do this, we will use 2 Hitachi projectors (CP-AW2519N), where from a distance of up to one meter we will be able to get an image 8 meters wide and 2 meters high with a total resolution of 2520x800. It is well suited for small, well-darkened rooms.

In the next variant, we use 2 Viewsonic projectors (PX706HD), in this variant you can get a picture 7 meters wide and almost 2 meters high from a distance of 2.5 meters. The total resolution is 3840x1080. Suitable for medium-sized rooms, and in return it will give you a juicy picture.

The Optoma dual projector option (EH470) is a great choice for medium to large venues. With this option, you can get a great picture 9 meters wide and 2.5 meters high from a distance of 6.5 meters. High brightness, rich colors and our content will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

And finally, our flagship. The option with NEC projectors (P502HL). Excellent brightness and unforgettable picture - this is really the option that immerses you in an atmosphere of bright colors and emotions, because from a distance of 9 meters you can get an image from two projectors 14 meters wide and almost 4 meters high.

For all options, we can offer a variety of installation and mounting options:
- Ceiling mount, rack mount (2 projectors on one rack when displayed on one wall), rack mount for each of the projectors.
Sound system:
- 2 options for active speakers (4all Audio 300W or FBT 800W), as well as a mirror surface option (only for the NEC P502HL projector).
By the way, you won't need screens, because a plain painted wall will be enough.

To broadcast the image, we suggest using a Windows 10 computer and PotPlayer software (when using wall-level broadcasting, the width and height of which clearly correspond to the broadcast image) or Resolume Arena 7 (purchased separately, set up by our specialists).

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